Rollie Teare

Founder of Taylor Freezer of Connecticut

Rollie Teare – A Man With A Vision
Originally from northern Ohio, Rollie came to Connecticut in 1960 to work for AMF R&D Division in Stratford. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to leave there in 1965 to found Taylor Freezer of Connecticut, which became a specialty refrigeration equipment distributor first in Bridgeport and then in the North Haven area.
Rollie Teare served as president and treasurer and he helped the business to grow into a major factor in the Connecticut area. In 1987 he sold Taylor of CT to three of his key employees and then retired to Naples, Florida. Rollie is now enjoying his life  in Florida and has many interests.
Rollie Teare’s background is quite impressive. He has BS Degrees from Cornell University  & Case Institute of Technology and both degrees were with academic honors.
In 1952 and 1953 he served active duty as an officer in the USAF and also served in the reserve. Thank you for your service!

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