Frigomat Equipment

For the best in commercial Gelato machines, look to the Midwest Equipment Company to help you make Gelato in the finest Italian artisan tradition and highest quality gourmet Gelato machines on the market. Whether you use a hot or cold Gelato process, we’ve got the equipment you need.

Frigomat Gelato batch equipment offers:

  • Variable Batch Size: Adjusts viscosity settings for variable pre-charge of mix
  • Quick Batch Ejection: Leaves very little residue in freezing cylinder when batch is finished
  • Electronic Consistency Control: Automatically senses product viscosity for perfect consistency

Frigomat Heat Treatment Gelato Equipment Features:

  • Touch Pad Controls: Control mixing, refrigeration, faucet and heat cycles
  • Automatic Temperature Cycles: Pre-programmed to heat and cool within specified time periods to assure food safety
  • Easy Cleaning: Both hot and cold water attached. Independent rinse cycle for spout eliminates flavor carryover and maintains strict hygiene standards between batches

104 Batch Ice Cream Freezer

Serve homemade, low or medium overrun ice cream, gelato, sorbet or Italian ice. Fruits, candies and nuts can be folded in as product is being drawn into your container. Product may be ejected at temperatures low enough for serving, depending on mix formulation, flavorings and overrun desired. Convenient funnel provided.


  • Freezing Cylinder: One, 3 quart (2.9 liter). Pre-charge of liquid mix determines overrun.
  • Automatic Timer Control
  • Funnel

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