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We supply a complete line of reliable foodservice equipment and merchandising programs that produce profitable products. When you purchase a machine from Taylor Freezer of CT you are gaining more than just a quality piece of equipment; you are gaining a promise of reliability and a source of guidance.

The Taylor Company is the worldwide leading manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment located in Rockton, Illinois, with unparalleled service from the Taylor distributor network. Taylor manufactures innovative frozen beverage machines and blending systems, frozen dessert machines and blending systems, and two sided grills.

Flavor Burst offers a simple, one-step process for striping and blending flavored syrups with soft serve, frozen yogurt, shake, cocktails, slush, smoothie, or frozen carbonated beverage. Instantly add 8 flavors for your menu items. You can also combine multiple flavors within one serving for limitless flavor concepts! They are the leading manufacturer of flavor delivery equipment for frozen desserts.

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